About Us

Sportsmasx is a transparent company, and we want all of our customers to know as much about us as possible. So, feel free to read through ‘Our History’ detailed below. Plus, if you want to learn more about us, or you want to hear about our company and product news in general, be sure to sign up to our newsletter via the link on our homepage. We’re very grateful you sign up to receive updates, and thus, we offer a 25% discount on the first order you purchase from us to anyone who joins our newsletter!

Our History

Sportsmasx have had years in the business of selling outdoor clothing and protective gear to the masses. We’ve worked non stop to bring the Sportsmasx brand up from the ground, and we’re very proud to say that we serve a worldwide customer base because of it. 

Working in the midst of New York, we know just how much time and effort goes into keeping yourself safe when out and about, and we want everyone who loves their outdoor activities to have the right face coverings, hats and bandanas, and fleece lined products for keeping warm and dry, as well as plenty of choice in the style, type, and variety of products to choose from. 



What We Believe In

As a company, here at Sportsmasx, we believe in a lot of things that make us great. It’s our mission to bring face coverings, as well as other outdoor clothing items, suitable for any and all activities in the great outdoors, to the world at large, and that’s been at the core of our company message for years now. Because of our mission, there are a lot of things we believe in: 

We know delivery times need to be convenient, and as soon as you buy a product from us, you want to see that product as quickly as possible. Which is why we believe in fast shipping for all customers, no matter where you’re located in the world. We want to get our products out to you as and when you need them, because we want your customer service experience to be as smooth as possible. 

We also offer a 24/7 live support service, to ensure that any customer who needs help with the website, their order, or who simply wants to ask some questions in general, are seen to as soon as possible. We want to get to you on your terms, and be as ready and available as you need us to be. We think that customer service needs to be at the core of a company or a brand, and we want to prove that to any customer who shops with us. 

And our work to bring the right products and prices to the market doesn’t stop there. We run a permanent discount on our products, because we believe that outdoor clothing gear and protection should be available and affordable to all who need it. 

Most of all, every single one of our products comes with a lifetime warranty. If there’s a problem with anything you buy from us, whether it be the wrong item, or it breaks or wears away, or the product was damaged in transit, be sure to get back to us as soon as you can. We want to know how we can do better, and we’re always available to offer an exchange on your items when we’ve failed to deliver the customer service you deserve. 

Where You Can Find Us

We’re currently located in flushing, NY, and we’d love for you to give us a visit, when you can. Our company address is up on our ‘Contacts’ page if you wish to know more about our location, and if you want to tap us into your phone or SatNav and get directed straight to our door. 

Similarly, if you want to get in touch with us right now, be sure to use our contact details available at the bottom of this page. Both our phone number and email address are listed there, so if you prefer calling over writing to us, you can do so. We want to be as accessible to our customer base as we can be! 

Be sure to join our community over on social media as well! Follow us on all of our platforms; we post regular updates about our company and our products, and we’d love to hear your input whenever we bring a new post to your page.