Covid19 Face Covering

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Covid19 Face Covering

COVID19 has set a new precedent amongst the public, and it’s mandatory in most states to be covering your face right now, to keep both yourself and others around you safe. Indeed, even just wearing a bandana over your mouth and nose, securely knotted round the back of your head, is a great way to keep particles from reaching your face. 

Here at Sportsmasx, we carry a lot of different face coverings for anyone who is interested in high quality outdoor protection. We want to ensure that you, and who might be around you, are safe during these uncertain times. Whether you need a face shield for fishing, or you’re in need of a face shield for hiking/running in the great outdoors, Sportsmasx are proud to offer what you need for your outdoor activities. Be sure to take a look through our range, which we’ve detailed for you below: 

COVID19 Face Coverings From Sportsmasx

A company face mask is sa approved, and will have you kept safe, dry, and well protected when you’re out. Even if there’s no one around, a saco face mask will ensure that the weather does not hold you back either. While these face masks are not respirators, they are the kind of masks that are designed to be water resistant, quick drying, and protect you from particles in the great outdoors. And if you’re in need of a fleece face shield, for both comfort and extra protection from outdoor elements, we have these on offer too. 

There are quite a few different colors, styles, and varieties of face coverings to be found in our store. For example, you can even purchase a face covering made up of straw hat flags material. We aim to provide face coverings to suit anyone and everyone, regardless of style and taste, and we know offering variety is important for ensuring the spread of COVID19 is kept to a minimum.

If you’re going to be out in the great outdoors, and very few people are going to be around you, these face masks are just fine for ensuring you’re protecting yourself from what you may come into contact with out on the water. 

Shop for COVID19 Face Coverings Right Here

Be sure to visit our shop by clicking the link at the top of this page. Even if you need to provide team face shields for the entirety of your outdoors crew, there’s enough of our products on offer to go around. We even run offers on our face coverings, and right now, you can get a deal on sa fishing masks, which you can buy at 5 for $15. 

COVID19 face coverings, such as surgical masks, are in short supply for the medical sector, so be sure to buy a face covering that works in a similar way, and is best for when you’re committing to outdoors activities with few people around. Shop with Sportsmasx if you’re in need of such face coverings.