Mandatory by states to cover your face

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Mandatory by states to cover your face

Covering your face is essential right now, in a time of great uncertainty due to COVID19. A lot of US states have currently made it mandatory to wear a face mask, or to otherwise cover your face, when out and about in public for the foreseeable future. It’s important to keep up to date with details on these matters, and be sure to look to local government guidelines first. 

How to Wear a Face Shield

Wearing a face shield doesn’t have to be hard. They can be worn in multiple different ways, and usually, they are used to keep the nose and mouth warm and away from outdoor particles, such as water, weather, or any other substance outdoor activities may bring the wearer into contact with. 

Putting a face mask, of the saco type, means starting with the neck and then pulling up from there, covering both the mouth and nose, and usually the back of the head too. When covering the back of the head, the mask is lifted properly, and weighted to stay in place, ensuring little to no adjustments are needed while the wearer goes about their outdoors activities. 

However, it’s important to note that saco face shields are not for everyone. Ensure that face shields are not worn by anyone who is under the age of 2, or who cannot remove the mask by themself if need be. Many co masks out there are perfect for people of all ages, and can be versatile and easy in their manner of use, but a co mask should never be placed on someone who is unconscious or suffering from breathing issues. 

Shop for Face Masks

If you need to shop for face masks right now, either because you’ve run out of disposable masks or you need to go out again for the first time in months, Sportsmasx offer a wide range of masks suitable to the great outdoors. 

We offer many company face shields and company face masks for your convenience. With a current deal on, in which you can buy 5 masks for only $15 altogether, this is a great way to purchase face coverings for your whole family. 

Or you could shop for a neck gaiter. A neck gaiter is an item of clothing for your neck, used to keep you warm from below the head towards the top, and can be stretched upwards as far as you need, usually stopping below the eyes. It’s a good face mask for wearing when out fishing or hiking, as it can be easily removed and replaced when needed, and is great for keeping out the cold weather, such as mist or rain. 

Covering your face is mandatory in many areas around the United States, and thus, it’s important to get your hands on a solution that works for you. If you’re someone who spends a lot of time outside, in rivers, near lakes, or great forests, the face shields sold here at Sportsmasx are perfect for your needs.