The New Normal with Face Covering

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The New Normal with Face Covering

Just four short months ago, people across the globe were busy getting on with their lives. Fast forward to today and we are in the grips of a coronavirus pandemic, meaning that our normal has shifted to something very new. We are having to deal with new face-covering legislation that means we must wear something to cover our nose and mouth whenever we venture into an enclosed space like a shop or a supermarket. Stopping the spread of the virus is paramount, which is why face coverings are going to play such an important role in the future.

What Face Covering?

Medical masks are not recommended for regular folk to use as they should be reserved for hospital environments. Instead, you need to consider different sorts of face coverings. A face bandana is ideal, especially if you wear glasses. It can be tightened as needed to create a near airtight seal around your face. 

Face bandanas are relatively cheap and can come in many different designs. Many businesses now are creating awesome gaiter neck designs, complete with the American flag, graffiti art, or customizable lettering. By turning your face covering into a fashion piece, you will be more likely to wear it. The bonus with cloth face coverings is that you can wash and reuse them, meaning that they will always stay hygienic.

Stay Safe

Face coverings are one facet of making sure that the infection rate of the virus remains low. Everyone needs to play their part in washing their hands regularly, maintaining social distancing, and covering their faces. You don’t have to go out and spend a fortune on a mask. Buffs are perfect to cover your nose and mouths. They can be made out of softer materials than other harsher scarf-like pieces. Merino wool buffs and thermal neck gaiters will keep you warm and look pretty smart.

Many people are worried about looking foolish while wearing a face-covering but they needn’t. Everyone has to do it, so do it in style. A Salt Armor face mask is lightweight, covers your face, and doesn’t break the bank. It looks stylish and you can choose from a range of Salt Armor face shield designs, from a nebula design to a gray military camo print.

What you cover your face with is less important than the fact that you have something cloth-based to cover your nose and mouth. Something lightweight will be more comfortable for you to wear long-term, especially if you are out and about for a couple of hours. If you are a runner, an arm sleeve will work well. If you have a scarf, you can turn this into a face bandana. 

We have to face a new normal, and with the threat of Covid-19 not diminishing any time soon, we have to embrace the concept of face shields. By covering your face, you are playing your part in combating the virus and protecting others as well as yourself. You don’t have to forfeit your fashion credentials and can still look good when venturing outdoors in these surreal coronavirus days.