What Is Neck Gaiter?

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What Is Neck Gaiter?

What Is Neck Gaiter?

If you haven’t used a neck gaiter before, you’ve probably seen someone wearing one for safety on the street. They consist of a single piece of material, usually made of cotton or synthetic fabric, that goes over the neck. But it’s more than just neck warmer; a neck gaiter can also be worn over the mouth and head. 

Many people prefer a neck gaiter to a scarf or extreme weather coat. With a scarf, there is a lot of extra material that needs to be bunched up somewhere. Furthermore, scarves are typically made from heavy fabrics that don’t do so well in rain and snow. As for weather-proof coats, they sometimes don’t provide enough of an underlayer to protect the neck. 

Is Neck Gaiter Effective? 

Do you find that you catch colds and flu in the autumn and winter? It’s the season when many viruses like this are floating around, and you can catch them easily if you don’t defend yourself properly. If you don’t keep yourself warm and protected when outside, you increase the risk of becoming sick and passing that on to friends, family, and loved ones. 

A neck gaiter is better than a scarf as it is lightweight and versatile. You hardly know you’re wearing a neck gaiter, yet, it can offer better protection than wool. A neck gaiter can also be pulled up over the nose and mouth when in enclosed spaces, or over the head in extreme cases. 

Neck Gaiter For Covid

The new normal is upon us, and the majority of places now require us to wear masks. In some cases, people are opting instead for a neck gaiter, but are they really effective against the deadly Covid-19 virus that spreads through water droplets when people cough or sneeze? 

In general, any face covering that prevents these water droplets from escaping (or entering) is acceptable, and neck gaiters certainly do this. However, some are better than others, and if you are buying a neck gaiter as a face mask, it’s recommended to layer the neck gaiter or wear a standard face mask underneath. 

What Styles Are There?

Now the new normal is here, and face masks are required; people are starting to think about what style of face mask best suits them. Not everyone is satisfied with the standard-issue ones, and they want something with a bit more personality. Neck gaiters certainly have that, in abundance. 

When buying a neck gaiter, you can choose between color, pattern, and material to find one that suits you best. They are sometimes made from cotton; other times, lightweight fabric is used to keep you warm without the weight, and to offer some added flexibility. Regardless of your personality or styles, you’re sure to find a neck gaiter to suit. 

Other Uses For Neck Gaiter

Imagine a world without neck gaiters … it would be a world of unnecessary colds and illnesses, added pollution in the lungs, chaffing on the neck and head. That’s because neck gaiters are multi-purpose items that can be used in a variety of ways. 

Whether you are out on the mountain, skiing and snowboarding, riding a mountain bike, hiking, or just walking the streets day-to-day, a neck gaiter is the one item you don’t want to be without; it can make the difference between enjoying your activities and bracing yourself against the discomforts.